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Irwin's Authentic Natural Body Care Products is a home-based company founded in 2002 by Mark Irwin:

     meI wanted to learn how to make soap because I saw fine soaps in stores and thought it might be an interesting hobby. I also frequently bought these fine soaps for my mother and she really liked them.                                                 When I began making soap I was encouraged to continue because my family and friends really liked my product. My soaps lather very well and they leave your skin feeling soft. Everyone told me that I had something really good here and that I should market this fine product... So I started a business. 

    While doing research to refine my product I realized that the natural ingredients I was using, being very wholesome and nurturing, could be used for other products that could also be beneficial for people with sensitive skin, like myself. I have always had problems with dry skin; I had never found a soap that didn't dry my skin out, and had never found a lotion that would keep my hands from cracking. I had resorted to olive oil and was pleased with its ability to soften and heal my dry, cracked skin, even if it was very messy, because it was better than anything else I had tried. 

    So now I was learning why the olive oil was working; it contains vitamins and minerals rather than chemicals, and it has a long history of being used in food and on the body. I was already using it in the kitchen on my salad and in my cooking as a healthful alternative to the other cooking oils that were produced with high heat.

    Olive oil, the primary ingredient in my soap was a perfect base for the many other products that I learned to make. Many other fine, natural ingredients(see my ingredients page for a full list with detailed explanations) were blended with olive oil to make creams and balms that soothe, nurture and heal dry, mistreated or injured skin.

    My company's mission is to make natural, effective bodycare products from quality ingredients.

    My vision is that we can all prosper with the knowlege that natural products are good for us and for the environment.


Mark Irwin